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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

On The Road Again!

There comes a time, or times, in everyone’s life when a tough decision has to be made, and about mid-October that time came for myself, and my wife Dianna.

After 3

½ years in Penticton running our restaurant, Chef K’s on Main, we decided in May that we must make a move and close up the restaurant as our lease was expiring anyway.

In the meantime, a new development was being planned for Penticton which included three new restaurants of differing tastes, and I was contracted to manage the food service operation once the complex was complete.

Then, in mid October, the bomb dropped.

The project was being seriously delayed, or possibly even cancelled, and I was left holding a worthless piece of paper in the form of a contract which the developer has chosen not to honor although he hold himself up as a man of honor. We had to make a decision once again, and move on!

By early November, I had located a Head Chef position in Cambridge, Ontario (my home province), and by the following weekend I was ‘on the road again’. This time to Ontario and The Riverbank Mill Restaurant in Cambridge Sure are lots of stairs here though, but they’re helping to me to become slim and trim.

To all of our friends, customers, and acquaintances in the Penticton/Summerland area, we are sorry to leave, but hope we may one see you again if you have an opportunity to visit me at The Riverbank Mill here in Cambridge, Ontario.

I’d also appreciate receiving messages, or comments, from you right here on the Blog (just click the link below). It’s a way we can keep in touch, as we do miss you all. A very special thanks to Rick & Gail Riddall and Gary West for all thier help over this period, watch next week for exciting Christmas recipes.

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