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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Just A Note (Update)

I have been receiving many e-mails regarding the change in my web site recently, seems some are upset with the spiritual leading the site has taken. Most e-mails have been really great but I received a rather scathing e-mail tearing me up regarding the recent teaching I have been posting here. Seems the writer simply wants culinary teachings and does not want to read this “Christian junk,” the writer asked a question that I will now answer. Who do I think I am, being just a chef what could I possible know regarding spiritual things?

Well I am a chef, but that is what I do it is not who I am. Jesus was a carpenter it is what he did not who he was, Stephen and Phillip were waiters what they did not who they were. Your vocation certainly has something to say regarding your makeup but it does not define you. You are defined by who you are within, if you’re rotten in your core then you are a rotten being (needing a lot of help) if the core of being (your soul) is guided by the Spirit of God then that too is what proceeds from your soul. So with today’s writing I plan to tell you not who I think I am but rather who I am. Y’all know what I do so there is no need to go there. But that writing will take place at a new site Please bookmark it and go there often. The division will be simple this site will continue with culinary education and recipes galore (what I do) and the new site will be words from my heart (who I am). Watch for recipes on warming things up this week.

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