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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Dinner With Glen Campbell

Last week Dianna and I had the opportunity to have dinner with our friend Glen Campbell (yes the Country Music legend) with his daughter Debby. What an interesting day it was. First I was amazed to see 5800 people gather on a snowy January afternoon at a little Casino north of Toronto to hear Glen and Debby, but what a concert he gave and no one left disappointed. Afterward we met for dinner in a Italian restaurant in the Casino where the food was okay, but he company great. We talked about his early start, time spend with Frank Sinatra, playing for some of the biggest names in show business amongst other topics. Debby told us about her son who is now a sous chef in South Beach Miami who has had the chance to appear on the Next Great Chef television show but as of yet has not made a decision, but knowing his mother and grandfather whatever he does he'll do it well.

I'll post some of the conversations real soon, but if you get the chance take in one of his concerts, your gonna love it.

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